5 notes when choosing to buy health insurance for your baby

Children’s health insurance is a great gift that parents give their children to ensure that their children receive health care at the best children’s hospitals and medical facilities.

Why do parents need to buy voluntary health insurance for their children?

– Although children under 6 years old will be issued a free state health insurance card. However, the current situation is that public hospitals are overloaded, especially children’s hospitals at provincial and city levels. Therefore, when the child goes to a regular doctor with health insurance, he will be able to take medicine home to drink and monitor (called outpatient treatment), only serious or dangerous cases will be hospitalized for treatment. But the standard bed applied to health insurance, the hospital room has many beds, making the children uncomfortable.


– Therefore, many modern parents choose private children’s hospitals, or standard rooms with services to make their children more comfortable when treating illnesses. And of course, the cost of this bed is quite high and the state health insurance will not cover the cost of these services.

Therefore, voluntary health insurance for children is indispensable if parents want to ensure the best health care conditions for their children. Currently, there are many types of insurance designed for children on the market. Before deciding to buy health insurance for your baby, please refer to the following 5 criteria when choosing an insurance package and insurance company:

1. What is the child’s age to be insured?

Not all insurance companies accept insurance for babies under 1 year old. Only very few insurance companies accept children under 1 year old for insurance. Or accept children under 1 year old to participate but will have a relatively long waiting time. But in fact, babies under 1 year old are very susceptible to minor illnesses such as fever, cough, runny nose, respiratory and intestinal diseases. So babies from 60 days old are eligible and need to participate in insurance.

2. Can the child participate in independent health insurance?

Many insurance companies require that one parent be insured with the child’s insurance policy. But there are also some insurance companies that will let the baby participate in independent insurance. Asking parents to join the contract with their children will be difficult because in many cases, parents have been provided with insurance at the company. If buying more with children will incur unnecessary costs, and duplicate health insurance will not be able to pay in two places at the same time. If their children are insured alone, the flexibility will be higher, depending on each year, parents can be proactive in deciding to ensure that the cost is used most effectively and economically.


3. Are there different insurance packages for babies?

Each family will have different financial capacity, so we need to consider choosing an insurance package so that the premium is appropriate to maintain and renew the contract continuously every year. At the same time, the level of benefits can meet the needs of medical examination and treatment at hospitals in the area where the family often uses the service. Families in big cities like Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. In Ho Chi Minh City, .., the cost of medical services is quite high, parents should choose a package with a little high benefit. As for the smaller provinces, parents should consider the cost of services at which hospital the family will use to decide on the corresponding insurance package.

4. Health insurance package stipulates the number of outpatient visits in 1 year?

In fact, children often have minor illnesses, although each medical examination does not cost too much, but the frequency of medical examination and re-examination is regular. Therefore, parents should choose insurance companies, insurance packages that stipulate the number of outpatient visits from 10 times or more. If the number of visits prescribed by the insurance plan is too low, it will not be enough to use it, even though the benefit limit has not been paid in full.

5. Reputation of the insurance company in the market?

When parents buy insurance for their children, in addition to comparing product packages and insurance premiums, parents should pay most attention to the reputation of the insurance company. Because an insurance company is reputable and branded, there will be a claim settlement process, as well as a standard and professional customer care process.