Diseases that life insurance does not cover. Can sick people buy insurance?

As a rule, patients with certain diseases can still buy life insurance. But there are still cases of diseases that life insurance does not cover. So when buying insurance, buyers need to find out clearly to choose which life insurance is good for themselves and their family.

How does life insurance help when you’re in the hospital?

During a hospital stay, life insurance plays many different roles. However, each role brings to life insurance buyers many specific practical benefits as follows:

+ Payment of expenses related to medical examination and treatment: Life insurance subsidizes hospital fees, surgery costs, emergency transportation costs, etc. so that the insured can feel secure in treatment as well as share the financial burden with others. family.

  • Hospital fees: Life insurance pays for hospital fees according to the hospital stay date agreed upon when purchasing insurance. Including the case that the policyholder has to be treated in special/intensive departments/rooms, up to 200% of the normal hospital fee allowance.
  • Surgery: Life insurance supports the cost of performing surgery according to the ratio/level signed with the policyholder. This rate can be 500% of the usual hospital fee subsidy.
  • Ambulance transportation: In the event that an ambulance must be used, life insurance covers the cost up to 200% of the usual hospital allowance for this item.

+ Mental encouragement: Acting as a family member to visit and give spiritual encouragement to the unfortunate life insurance policyholder.

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Diseases that life insurance does not cover

The insurance company will provide full information regarding diseases that life insurance does not cover. These are diseases only by name, there are no exceptions. You can refer to the list of diseases that life insurance does not cover. Or to make sure, be honest when buying life insurance by fully declaring information related to the illness you are suffering from. The insurance company will have an accurate and complete answer for each specific health case.

  • Heart-related diseases include: valve replacement, myocardial infarction,
  • Stroke.
  • Polio fever.
  • Hard liver disease.
  • Kidney failure.
  • Plant nerve cell disease.
  • Malignant cancer.
  • Traumatic brain injury.
  • Pulmonary hypertension.
  • Renal cyst disease.
  • And other diseases depending on the list of each insurance company.

Can sick people buy life insurance?

Patients with the disease can still buy life insurance from the insurance company, but it will come with terms and conditions attached. If the policyholder agrees, the insurance company will sell life insurance to him. At this time, people wishing to buy insurance can choose from the following forms:

  • Buy insurance at the standard fee corresponding to the disease you are suffering from according to the insurance company’s regulations.
  • Accepting an increase in premiums for high-risk diseases assessed by the insurance company.
  • Acceptance of insurance, but the insurance company will exclude all related diseases or complications.

In the event of an insured event related to illness, the insurance company will, according to the signed conditions, pay compensation to the insured.

Other cases life insurance does not cover

In addition, life insurance participants also need to pay attention to cases where life insurance does not pay when an insured event occurs.

  • Intentionally causing injury, accident or suicide as certified by the competent agency.
  • The beneficiary, the policyholder commits an offence.
  • Intentionally doing wrong, not complying with the instructions of medical authorities, qualified doctors in the process of health care, or disease treatment with declaration.
  • Due to war accidents, natural disasters, storms, floods, riots, fights, terrorism.
  • Due to pre-existing disease, or genetic background.
  • Due to the initiative against the public official.
  • Due to actively participating in activities that are dangerous, life-threatening, or potentially fatal, are rated high.
  • Or add some specific cases that insurance companies stipulate according to the company’s own development policy.


Notes when life insurance does not pay

The life insurance does not pay benefits related to the insurance contract, the buyer himself needs to find out and verify the information to determine the cause is because you are on the list of life-insured diseases. unpaid life or because the insurance company is not reputable. Therefore, it is advisable to carry out an inspection and re-certification to ensure your insurance benefits. If you violate in cases where the insurance does not pay properly as in the signed insurance contract, the decision of the life insurance company is legal.

On the contrary, if the fault is from the insurance company and the insurance buyer has all relevant evidence, it is completely possible to request the law to intervene to receive his full benefits.

But above all, when participating in life insurance, the buyer should learn carefully to avoid the case of “not reading carefully”, “not understanding” … to affect their practical benefits.

Above is information related to diseases life insurance does not cover. Insurance buyers should learn this information carefully to ensure the company’s compensation benefits when an insured event occurs.