Tips for buying life insurance

To ensure your benefits when buying life insurance, you need to keep a few things in mind:

Learn carefully the conditions to buy life insurance: The 4 most important and common conditions to buy life insurance are having good health, being in the allowable age range (commonly 0-60 years old), relatively safe occupation and stable income.

Life Insurance-1

  • Find out the benefits and benefits in the contract carefully: Before deciding to buy life insurance, you should learn in detail the basic rights, total benefits, payment levels, interest rates, … to understand and protect its interests. In addition, additional benefits are also important items in the contract that you should know.
  • Declare complete and accurate information in the life insurance policy: Make sure that you have provided the most truthful and accurate information. The insurance company will rely on that information to calculate premiums and pay insurance benefits. Therefore, you will be in some trouble if there is any mistake in providing the information. The information you need to pay attention to is the personal information of the buyer, the beneficiary, the health status and information of the insurance package, the insurer.
  • Life insurance premiums and premium periods: To avoid hassles and risks, you need to find out the premium rates and payment period in the policy. Note that the life insurance premium will be different for each product package.
  • Cases covered by insurance, indemnified, not indemnified: Not all cases are covered or compensated by life insurance. Therefore, before buying insurance, you should ask a consultant to understand the cases covered by insurance, indemnification or non-compensation.