What is the best life insurance?

In Vietnam, there are more than 50 insurance companies operating with many different types of insurance. Along with the increasing demands of life, life insurance or health insurance carries a profound financial, economic and humanistic meaning for buyers and recipients. However, choosing a good life insurance policy is not an easy task. Timo shares with you some good life insurance buying experiences right in the article below.

What is the best life insurance?

What is life insurance?

Life insurance is a product of insurance companies in which the buyer agrees and enters into a contract with the insurance company to pay regular premiums on time to the financial reserve fund set up by the insurance company. management insurance. And the insurance company promises to pay the designated beneficiary an amount or equivalent benefit when there are unexpected risks related to the health, body, life of the insured or up to the time of death. expired date. Therefore, life insurance has great significance to the life of modern people.

The most popular life insurance packages today

Protective life insurance plan

Protective life insurance products will pay policyholders in the event of risks related to health or even human life. Examples include accidental injury, serious illness, critical illness, stroke, and death. In addition, policyholders are also well taken care of such as hospital fees, surgery fees, emergency transportation services, etc.

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Investment life insurance package

Besides comprehensive insurance for policyholders, life insurance products are also considered an effective profitable investment solution for idle funds. The increase in interest rates year by year, customers will receive a larger amount than the amount saved at the time of contract maturity to fulfill big goals in the future such as preparing the future for their children. study abroad or plan to buy a new house, buy a new car.

Cumulative life insurance package

Life insurance product line is cumulative. The policyholder will know in advance the exact amount of money that will be received when paying the insured events or on the policy maturity date. This product line will meet the needs of customers who want to save their idle money in a safe and secure way.

Educational life insurance plan

Education life insurance products are a way for parents to help their children fulfill their plans such as going to college, studying abroad or building a career on their own. In addition to preparing a bright future for children, educational insurance products are combined with comprehensive protection for children and parents against risks of illness, injury and death.

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Retirement life insurance product package

Retirement life insurance packages help customers get financial stability to enjoy old age with peace of mind. Retirement life insurance will help each individual be able to unleash their creativity, dedication, and access to jobs outside the state payroll while still having complete peace of mind about life in old age.

Business life insurance package

Corporate life insurance products are intended to protect businesses and all employees against the risks of injury and death, creating a foundation for the development of the business, increasing the ability to attract and retain talents for the company. company because employees will feel secure when protected in many circumstances will help them to strive, strive and stick with the business for a long time.

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Should you buy life insurance?

Life insurance is a comprehensive protection solution for the whole family against unfortunate risks. Comprehensive health insurance ensures medical benefits, education and includes benefits for injury or death if an unexpected accident occurs.

Buy good life insurance to ensure the future of your children and family if the breadwinner dies or loses the ability to work. Life insurance is also an investment solution for financial accumulation for a safe and long-term future.

Because of the above reasons, more and more families are actively looking to buy life insurance for their family and loved ones. However, you need to be cautious and find out what types of health insurance are best and most suitable for your family.

What is the best life insurance to buy in 2021?

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Subjects to participate in insurance are from infants to the elderly. So this is one of the big markets for insurance companies to operate. Choosing to buy a good life insurance to join is something customers should consider. Some criteria to choose a reputable life insurance company are having a good customer care team, the company has many branches with wide coverage, and finally, it must have enough finance and capital. In addition, the insurance company must have a life insurance product suitable for the needs of the customer.

#1 Sun Life Insurance

Sun Life Life Insurance provides products to help customers enjoy lifelong financial security and enjoy healthier lives. Some Sun Life life insurance products, such as savings and investment products, aim to create a solid financial foundation to cultivate a prosperous life. Sun Life Vietnam’s health insurance products help ensure the necessary financial backup to overcome unexpected illness risks. Sun Life retirement insurance products provide safe, effective retirement funds for employees and financial protection against unexpected risks.

#2 Bao Viet Life Company

Focusing on the best financial investment protection products in Vietnam such as: investment, accumulation, protection, retirement, insurance for businesses, insurance associated with banks….

#3 Prudential Vietnam Life Insurance Company

With products and services that always meet all needs of customers such as: savings plans, insurance plans, investment plans, retirement plans, added protection products, etc. Along with other programs hospital fee guarantee…